1. An organization is generating digital policy files which are required by the admins for verification. Once the files are verified they may not be required in the future unless there is some compliance issue. If the organization wants to save them in a cost effective way, which is the best possible solution? –should be glacier not s3

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      Hello Sir

      Yes. We corrected it


  2. 15. I chose IGW and Nat Gateway, and the test is telling me to choose VPN Gateway, and IGW but the description in the explanation says its IGW and Nat Gateway

    Internet Gateway: The Amazon VPC side of a connection to the public Internet.
    NAT Gateway: A highly available, managed Network Address Translation (NAT) service for your resources in a private subnet to access the Internet.

    Refer: https://aws.amazon.com/vpc/faqs/

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      Hello Sir

      IGW and VPN Gateway are the right answers. Only the description is wrong. We have corrected it. Thanks for your feedback

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