Passed my AWS-CSA-Associate Exam with 90% score

I have passed my CSA-A exam last week with 90% score after tons of study and sitting numerous late hours in office after work.

LinuxAcademy Study material really helped me to build my confidence to go for this exam.
Special thanks to Anthony James for the course.

Bought the udemy course(Refer right navigation link)

As per my experience, You need to have really good understanding of basics of all services and their use cases in order to clear the certification exam.
It was not that hard (as it look from some of the quiz questions)!

Few Tips:

1. Read FAQs and Whitepapers thoroughly.
2. If you attempt any question as Incorrect in your practice test, Go back to the AWS documentation and read the concepts again.
3. Most of the questions in my test were related to EC2, EBS, Placement groups, VPC, Route53, IAM, NAT Instance, RDS, AutoScaling, Security Groups/nACL, ELB, S3, Shared responsibility Model.
4. Around 70-80% of questions in exam were related to pick a service among 4 options based on the scenario. So read the use cases and make sure you understand all.
5. Scenario based questions were not that lengthy as given in some practice exams.
6. Not a single question around SQS, SWF and other Application Services.
7. Format of questions was more likely the same as like practice tests (make sure you score 100% in all the practice tests before going to test):
To prepare for the exam, I have done Courses+Quizzes from LinuxAcademy & AcloudGuru. Also done some quizzes from CloudAcademy.

Now next hop is SysOps-Associate Exam and hopefully will give the same in 2nd week of Nov-2016.

Good luck to all aspirants and Thanks again for all your help!

— Yogesh S


  1. did you took the amazon practice papers i.e for 20$

    1. Author

      No I did not take

  2. Congratulations on passing with such an high score! The info given here will be very helpful for other students who will also be giving this exam , thanks for sharing your experience!

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