Passed the AWS CSA-A exam with 85%

Author – Yuvaraj Pyneni

First thing, exam now has 60 questions & 80 Minutes, I have given the exam recently. It took me 35 min for me to complete all the questions, another 10min to review all the questions.

I am not completely new to AWS, I have more than one year of experience playing around with different AWS services. I dedicated 4 weeks of my time for the exam.

Here I am listing some resources which I have used to complete the AWS CSA exam. Based on my research I believe Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam is the easier one to begin with.

Udemy Course:

I registered for the CSA-A course in Udemy which is tailored specifically for this certification.

(Refer the link in right navigation for Udemy Course)

If you could watch all the videos from the course, 60% of your job is done. I have this habit of writing the key points in a notes when I watch any video courses.

YES, I gave practice test right after watching the videos I got 60% that’s why I am saying videos give you 60% information

White Papers:

If you take the udemy course, there is a section briefly reviews White Papers which are needed for cracking the exam, I personally think that is enough. You don’t have to drill through 50-70 pages of white papers for Solutions Architect exam unless you’re aiming for more than 95%


Read FAQs for EC2, EBS, RDS & VPC.

Practice Questions:

Practice questions play an important role, the day before and on the day of giving exam. Keep practicing the questions wherever you find.

For me is a very good find. I practiced all the questions in this website like 3-4 times before going to exam.

Also, I installed an App($6.99) with practice questions which I found in App Store, which helped me in practicing whenever I get time.

You don’t need to read any books for this exam, AWS documentation and white papers are sufficient for CSA exam, again if your target is somewhere between 95-100% you can read books.

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