Passed AWS Solution Architect Associate – Lessons Learnt/Tips

Author: Gopal M

I’m pleased to announce that I cleared my AWS Solution Architect associate exam last month. I set a target of 60 days for the preparation. Exam had its standard, it was neither very tough nor very easy, knowing concepts is the key. I was able to answer all the question in 45 minutes.

My Score

Overall Score: 89%

Topic Level Scoring:
1.0 Designing highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant, scalable systems : 87%
2.0 Implementation/Deployment: 100%
3.0 Security: 81%
4.0 Troubleshooting: 100%

Here is how I prepared:

  • Read below AWS whitepapers (
    1. Introduction to AWS Security Processes
    2. AWS Cloud Storage Services Overview
    3. Overview of Amazon Web Services
  • Read below AWS FAQ (
  • Take hand written notes and prepare your own reading material whatever you read and learn, you can use the material for revision on the exam day.
  • When you read a concept, try to draw your own diagram especially for VPC related concepts
  • Please be cautious about buying Mock exam. I purchased practice questions from one of the famous provider for 30$. however I see many issues like
    1. Wrong answers
    2. Irrelevant/Duplicate/Deprecated questions
    3. No proper justification for answers.
  • Purchased aws solution architect exam from right navigation link) which was really helpful for my preparation and worth for money spent(Buy only during offer period). You can get it for 10 to 15$
  • mock exams are awesome and very close to real exam. Please don’t miss it



  1. Hi Gopal , Congratulations on passing the AWS Solution Architect Associate Examinations! The tips you have shared here will be very helpful for other students who are currently training for this examination. Thank you.

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